• A Crypto Project based on wellbeing

    MaryJaneCoin is an utility token that permits to every MJC holder to get special promotions and discounts on our cosmetic line and skin care services.

    1. What is MaryJaneCoin?

    MJC is an Ethereum-based blockchain project aiming to create a network of loyal Customers offering them immediately promotions on Our Bio Cosmetic line and support our future growth plan.

    The MaryJaneCoin represents the instruments for spreading worldwide the MJC Project with the advantages that DeFi's world can offer.

    Differently from many Crypto's project our plan is already expressed in the real wellbeing world since the 2015.

    2. Economics and supply

    MJC has a hard cap of 1,000,000, of which 100,000 will be initially available to our loyal Customer in this page at the price of 0.01 Ethereum (about 15€). The remaining tokens are held by Mary Jane Canarias and will be available in the future by participating to our growth plan to create the MJCSTORE network as described below.
    There will never be new emissions of MJC, nor token burning.

    Key metrics ( at March 31, 2021)

    Ticker MaryJaneCoin
    Token TypeERC-20 Ethereum Token
    Blockchain address0x60efc66ae875aaaa01bac99a9e4528480a9d2bbc
    Circ. Supply available100,000
    Total Supply1,000,000
    Fixed Hard cap1,000,000
    (No future minting and burning)
    Token Price0.01 Eth (about 20€)
    Min discount on Purchases10%

    3. Why get MaryJaneCoins ?

    Mary Jane Canarias offers to his Clients the opportunity to get better prices and share our success.

    • MJC holders get immediate advantages! How?
    • Get 10% discount on our eCommerce site insert Your wallet address in the field in the Recap Order
    • Get 15% at our Stores simply showing MaryJaneCoin in your wallet!
    • Holders can get exclusive MJC gadget rewards at our Stores

    4. Community and social channels

    Every news and update will be published in our Facebook Pages.

    Read the Customer's feedback in Social channels and follow us!

    5. MaryJaneCoin's growth plan

    Be more than a Customer!

    Mary Jane Canarias offers to his Clients the opportunity to share his success.

    Ethics, respect for the environment and passion for nature are the levers that will lead to success through our Project.

    In addition of the opportunity to get immediately discount we have a growth plan for the MJC Future: We are going to create a network of aesthetic and beauty spaces with our innovative business model inspired to our MJC Store based in Tenerife - El Medano.
    Visit our Facebook Page and make an idea of our excellence and read the customers's opinion about our services at .

    5.1 About MJC Store

    Environment & MJC
    MJC Store is a space that combines scents, colors, sounds, perfect for those who want to independently start a successful business by offering a service focused on natural well-being.
    The concept of MJC Store introduces a space that permeates the sensations and well-being offered by the natural environment.
    The project, carried out by Italian Designer, allows sensory experiences and interactive relationships aiming to ensure that the consumer experience acquires the real sensation and sense of a totally natural cosmetic and treatment.
    The application of an innovative Ion technology Teslamed Ion Stream ™ completes the benefits of treatments made with our totally organic products Mary Jane Canarias.


    Participate in our success! Get Your MJC Now!


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