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Mary Jane Canarias, burn in 2015, it's an innovative cosmetic line 100% natural based on flowers of Cannabis Sativa made in Canary Islands created entirely with substances and natural processes in respect for the environment and of the highest ethics to offer natural products of quality and experience of excellence.
Major factor, in the Mary Jane Canarias's Creations, are the cutaneous and physiological tolerability of the vegetal active ingredients used, the respect of the biological and physical-chemical properties of the skin, the affinity of formulations to nature and the properties of the cutaneous tissue.

Anthroposophic cosmetics, born as curative cosmetics, have in the heart both the origin and the processing of the plant.

“Only a 100% natural product so deeply designed, can offer a pleasure so estimable for the skin and the spirit! „


  • A modern phytocosmetic line

    Mary Jane Canarias is a modern plant-based phytocosmetic line from the Canary Islands, particularly Cannabis Sativa.
    The products are 100% vegetable and totally free of chemical additives and synthetic preservatives.
    The Cosmetic Line Mary Jane Canarias aims to maintain health and prolong the biological youth of one of the largest and most important human organs: the Skin.
    It's not imaginable a future with a man that use products not originated in the Nature.

    Be the change you want to see in the world

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  • Mary Jane Product
  • From Nature to your Body

    The secret of the formulas is based on 100% natural ingredients, enriched by principles derived from the oceanic ecosystem, the volcanic earth and the sweet floral notes of the Canary Islands.

    Mary Jane Canarias, is inspired by anthroposophic medicine, uses the power of plants in their natural purity to donate high sensory experiences and, consequently, inner well-being and self-esteem. The products stimulate the self-healing power of the organism, helping it to regain balance and stay healthy.

    When men and plants come together, great things happen..

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  • Mary Jane Product

    The Mary Jane Canarias's Line is studied and formulated to obtain a highly effective artisanal product thanks to the high concentration of active botanical principles:
    Valuable vegetable oils and butters, essential oils, natural extracts, volcanic clay and marine salts represent the "vital lymph".
    Your skin will enjoy this daily special cuddle.

    Are the perfumes you choose that reflect the light of your Being

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  • Mary Jane Product
Products are Tested in laboratory, Certificated and Registrered in compliance of Articles 13 and 16 of Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council on Cosmetic Products.

Alchemy and Us

In the center the Human and the quality of life simply with the expression and beauty in every daily gesture. Mary Jane Canarias, inspired to Anthroposophic Medicine uses the power of plants in their natural purity. It is based on an integral concept of health and wellness, including physical, psychological and spiritual dimension of Man.
Anthroposophic medicines stimulate the body's self-healing forces, helping to regain balance and maintain health. It is precisely these assumptions that we have studied and carried a line of very physiological and reliable products to donate higher sensory experiences and improve appearance and therefore the inner being and self. Mary Jane Canarias is a project based on respect for the environment, sustainable development and aware consume with the deeper purpose to create an effect of beauty and well-being in each of us.

Environment & MJC

Commitment with the environment

Mary Jane Canarias uses the power of plants in their natural and unadulterated form. Our products maintain a complete commitment to purity, diversity and maximum quality. A project based on respect for the environment, sustainable development and conscious consumption with the deepest purpose of creating an effect of beauty and wellbeing in each one of us.

Furthermore be use only glass containers to preserve the environment and Our Future.


Offer to lovers of Holistic Cosmetics, Wellness SPA and Well-being Professionals of indispensable tools to enhance the natural beauty of each person is the mission of Mary Jane Canarias.

MJC, wishing to ensure success for every person, offers high quality cosmetic products and services that support the professionalism enhancing their potential.
These services are: updating and constant training, advisory services in the beauty center, commercial and technical material for each product and working methods, telephone and online advicing with a professional team.

Environment & MJC


Mary Jane Canarias is a reality since 2015 whose commitment, perseverance and seriousness have overcome the barriers of culture, race and language proposing real and effective solutions to improve the quality of life of people.

The brand Mary Jane Canarias is the result of over thirty years of activity in the world of beauty. The story of Mary Jane Canarias is starting in 1985 through people that nourishes a strong attraction to the world of aesthetics and have turned their passion to their business. An activity designed from the start-up to successful: a recognized success over the years.
Born as a business specialized in providing training and consulting services in the field of Aesthetics Professional, based on the knowledge and motivation acquired in the course of this long experience, in 2015 was founded the Mary Jane Canarias's brand, young and dynamic, the whose strengths are rigor, scientific, efficacy and safety of products, innovation based on a constant technological research and the respect of the skin, always considering the characteristics of the individual, to offer customized solutions and durable results.

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